Mushroom Omelette

Make a mushroom omelette using organic eggs, large Portobello mushrooms and chopped parsley. 

Other mushrooms are fine. Why not try shitake mushrooms, which are meatier in flavour and have exceptional levels of lentinan, which has been shown to increase immune cell activity?

Scrambled Eggs

Two organic eggs, scrambled or poached and served on toasted wholemeal bread or some corn crackers.

For a little colour and additional minerals, add some steamed chard or spinach, tomatoes or mushrooms.

Quinoa Flakes

Four tablespoons of quinoa/buckwheat/amaranth flakes (these are all gluten-free).
Soak in apple juice or water for 15+ minutes, cook gently with water for eight to ten minutes.
Just before serving, fold in two teaspoons of ground almonds or mixed seeds and two tablespoons of cooked fruit (apples, pears, prunes, figs).

Breakfast Smoothie 

Adding a tablespoon of natural, organic yogurt will enhance protein levels and provide additional probiotic support

The Haven Green Juice


2–3 sticks celery, according to size

½ to ¾ cucumber, according to size, and cut in half lengthwise

Preparation method:

Feed the cucumber and then the celery through the juicer. Stir and drink within 15 minutes to get the full nutritional benefits of the juice.

** In cool or colder weather, add a little fresh ginger into your juice for its warming effects and its aid to digestion.

** If you find cucumber hard to digest, then we would recommend a 50:50 mix of watercress and pea shoots (look in the salad section of your supermarket). This will produce a stronger flavoured but nutritious green juice.


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