"Three weeks on and all I have is the memories of what turned out to be the perfect weekend. After 36 hours and 13 minutes I became a Double Ironman, all for a great cause - Breast Cancer Haven. The race started at 9.00am. The swim was 3 hours and went as well as it could. The bike leg lasted 18.5 hours, starting at 12.30pm on Saturday and ending at 7.00am on Sunday.

The horses that roam freely around New Forest were so cute in the day. By around 2.00am, with a severe temperature drop and terrible bike lights the horses in the middle of the road lost all of the charm. The sun eventually rose which was a magnificent boost ready for me to finally finish cycling, wolf some breakfast down and hit the trails for my double marathon which started at 7.30am on Sunday.

After eating about 10 avocado bagels, 4 cans of red bull and as many bananas as I could stomach i completed the run section in just over 13 hours at just after 9.00pm. It couldn’t have been achieved without my parents and sister being there all day Saturday and Sunday. My girlfriend and her sister staying up all of Saturday night to feed me. Plus the friends and family who joined to see me over the line on Sunday evening. 

It was an incredible experience, we raised an amazing amount of money for a great charity. Some numb feet and saddle sores weren’t going to ruin that! Who knows what’s next, but for now I’m enjoying being back on the sofa".

- Ryan Grey, Breast Cancer Haven supporter and Double Ironman champion


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