Small change, big change appeal

Small amounts of money are lying untouched in dormant client accounts that could add up to a significant amount for Breast Cancer Haven; a process which is simple and approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Breast Cancer Haven is seeking the help of solicitors based in London, Yorkshire, Hereford, Worcestershire, West Midlands and Wessex, who may have dormant client accounts holding up to £500, where the client is untraceable. Dormant client accounts are an administrative burden for law firms and if unclaimed, can only be donated to charity.

Not only you will be helping to fund our work and helping to provide the much needed care and support to people with breast cancer, you will be meeting your business needs and helping to achieve your community and social responsibility goals.

Although many solicitor firms might consider the amounts generated from those funds to be quite small, collectively they would make a significant contribution to our fundraising effort.

Recognising your Contribution

If you choose to support us in this way, we will be truly grateful and we will:

  • Send an official certificate of thanks
  • Provide a logo for use on your website or brochure showing you are supporting Breast Cancer Haven with dormant client account donations
  • Mention you in our social media
  • Information on the size of donations will remain confidential, unless agreed otherwise
  • Offer local media coverage in your area in support of your donation

For more information please contact us

Resources for Solicitors

Please find below a downloadable template letter for use when contacting client account holders about dormant accounts and the release of funds. Simply fill in the details, print on your letterhead and send it to your clients.

The SRA rules state that law firms must make ‘reasonable’ efforts to contact the client account holder before funds can be released. The template letter provides an indicative basis which law firms can use to make attempts to engage with account holder.

Downloadable template letter to client

Information about Breast Cancer Haven to send with the letter