It is important that every adult should have a Lasting Power of Attorney. More people need a Lasting Power of Attorney these days.

It is a legal document which appoints someone you trust to act for you if you become unable to make decisions or manage your affairs – both financial & property and health & welfare.  

Without a Lasting Power of Attorney your family might need to go to Court – this can cause lots of delay, hassle and expense. With this in mind Breast Cancer Haven has partnered with McClure Solicitors to offer its supporters a Lasting Power of Attorney service at a special price.

Why should I do it now?
If you leave it until you need it, it will be too late.

Why should I use McClure?
There are four good reasons:
1.  They prepare thousands of Lasting Powers of Attorney each year. So you are in good hands.
2.  They let you decide whether and when to register it. This can save you over £75 per person.
3.  You keep control. So even if it’s signed and registered, no-one can use it until you say so.
4. McClure will prepare your Lasting Power of Attorney at a special price of just £199. From that they will donate £30 to Breast Cancer Haven.

​Why do they do it?
Everyone benefits.
• You get the Power of Attorney you need.
• Over 50% of clients go on to use McClure for other services.

​Using the services of McClure Solicitors means that come what may, you will have your affairs in order.

Breast Cancer Haven would like to encourage all its supporters who don't already have a Will to take up this very generous offer from McClure Solicitors. In doing so, you can plan for your and your family's future, and at the same time you can support the valuable work of our Charity.

To arrange an appointment Call McClure Solicitors on 0800 852 1999 or email [email protected]

For more information visit McClure's website