Breast Cancer Haven Fundraising Groups are vital in order to generate sustainable income and increase awareness within the communities we serve. They will help us continue to provide our services and plan effectively for the future. 


Why the role is important:

Breast Cancer Haven exists to improve the quality of life for people affected by breast cancer by providing personalised emotional, practical and physical support, completely free of charge.  Specialist nurses and experts in nutrition, exercise and emotional support provide tailor-made programmes for each person who comes through our doors. In addition to the personal programme of therapies, there are a range of groups, classes, workshops and seminars available to attend which provide ongoing support and promote health & wellbeing. It costs approximately £1,500 to provide the Breast Cancer Haven programme for every person who comes through our doors. We don’t receive any government funding for running our services, so we are entirely dependent on fundraising and donations.


What is a Fundraising Group?

A Fundraising Group is a group of volunteers who can use their local knowledge and expertise to help create awareness and raise funds for Breast Cancer Haven in a particular area. It is not expected for the group members to fundraise constantly themselves, but to encourage others to fundraise on Breast Cancer Haven’s behalf.  


Some examples of fundraising activities organised by our Groups include: Quiz nights, raffles, Big Tea Cosy events, encouraging support for our Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns, the options are endless! You can find more fundraising ideas here


What are the different roles within a Fundraising Group?

There are a number of roles which need to be filled within a Fundraising Group in order for the Group to run efficiently & effectively.  These are as follows:


Chair: The role of the chair is to lead the Group and oversee the Group’s activities. Good leadership skills are needed to ensure the Group works effectively together as a team.  The Chair will also run the Fundraising Group’s meetings which will take place every 6-8 weeks.


Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for administration of the Group’s activities. Good organisational skills are needed to plan details such as meeting arrangements, dealing with general enquiries and circulating information across group members.  The Secretary will be the main point of contact between Breast Cancer Haven staff and the Group.


Treasurer: The Treasurer oversees all financial activities relating to the Fundraising Group. Skills in IT and accounts may be necessary to ensure that the Group’s activities are financially sound and profitable.  Full training will be provided in Breast Cancer Haven’s financial policies and procedures.

Group Member: Alongside these roles, it is important that there are Group Members who will work to carry out general tasks and support the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.


If this sounds like the volunteer role for you, please get in touch with Liz Nash, Volunteering Officer, at [email protected] or call 07375 571 893 for more information. Alternatively, click here to become a volunteer.