We are exceptionally grateful to Walk the Walk for the immense support it has shown to Breast Cancer Haven over the years. As one of our most loyal and generous donors it has given over £3 million since 2009.

In that period Walk the Walk has supported our London therapist and nursing costs, our headquarters’ running costs, the capital costs that helped us open our centre in Wessex, bursaries for our Visitors in London and secondary cancer support days in Leeds.

As well as enabling with ambitious funding campaigns like the purchase of the Wessex building, Walk the Walk has enabled us fulfil our strategic ambitions and played a leading role in helping us deliver our programme of supportive therapies to those going through the challenges of breast cancer treatment. In doing this, it has greatly helped us to continue to respond to the needs of our ever-growing numbers of Visitors.

We cannot overstate the importance of the support Walk the Walk has shown to our charity. It is wonderful to work with an organisation which understands what we are aiming to achieve and the value we are continually striving to add to the experience of breast cancer patients across the UK. 

Every year, around 50 Breast Cancer Haven staff and Trustees volunteer at The MoonWalk London to show our thanks for all their support and cheer on the fantastic women and men who walk a full or a half marathon for breast cancer research and support. 

You can find out more at walkthewalk.org

Join our amazing MoonWalk London 2019 volunteering team.