“The Cancer reform strategy has focused its efforts on reducing cancer waiting times and speeding up the patient journey from GP referral to Surgical assessment and treatment. Whilst this improvement in waiting times was much needed, the patient experience can be a whirlwind of facts, treatments and shortened hospital stay. At The Haven, the patient’s holistic needs, lost in the practicalities of hospital treatment, are carefully and sensitively restored. Having time to spend with each individual, The Haven picks up where the NHS lets go – to restore the whole being of the woman coming to terms with her new diagnosis of breast cancer and the lifelong effects of its treatment.”
Mr Richard Linforth, Consultant Breast Surgeon, St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford.

“The Haven has a vital role to play in the recovery from breast cancer. Many of my patients attend The Haven in London and have the highest praise for the professionalism of care they receive. It encourages optimism and helps them see that much can be done to improve their quality of life during treatment. I’m extremely impressed by the quality of the service they offer and have no doubt that patients with a positive attitude towards their disease and treatment do very much better.”
Professor Dudley Sinnett, Consultant Breast Surgeon, Charing Cross Hospital.

“There is still so much we do not understand about how the body reacts to breast cancer in its various forms, and how different treatments and therapies impact upon this. The Haven provides a unique opportunity for gathering evidence and using this for the benefit of others.”
Professor Stephen Holgate, MRC Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology, University of Southampton

“The Haven is an outstanding resource for those affected by breast cancer. It provides truly integrated care in a wonderful setting, delivered with great expertise. It is an invaluable facility, which I wholly recommend.”
Dr Michelle Kohn, Advisor in Integrated Cancer Care.

“This is an extremely important service that many of my patients receive. Almost without exception, they find The Haven is an essential component of their treatment.”
Professor Charles Coombes, MD PhD FRCP FMedSci Consultant Oncologist, Charing Cross NHS Trust.

“The Haven has, for many years, provided a wonderful forum for breast cancer patients. The combination of care, support, advice, encouragement and literature is unique. Wrapped in a blanket of calm, kindness and empathy, such a mix allows The Haven to provide that special support many patients need. Long may it last.”
Mr Adam Searle, Consultant Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

“The Haven is what it says it is: a refuge and a safe space where women living with breast cancer get the help they need to deal with their whole experience. The Haven is truly complementary to the high-tech approach; we need one in every city.”
Professor David Peters, Clinical Director and Professor of Integrated Health Care, University of Westminster

“Many of my patients with breast cancer have accessed The Haven and found it extremely valuable in terms of helping them feel in control of their lives and coming to terms with their diagnosis and treatment. The camaraderie is valuable reducing the sense of isolation and the whole experience promotes “health” rather than “illness”.”
Dr Alison Jones, Consultant Oncologist, The Royal Free and UCL Hospitals.

“The emphasis of The Haven on quality of life is an enormous benefit to all of our patients. The effectiveness of mindfulness-based stress reduction for mood, breast and endocrine related quality of life in women with breast cancer alleviates long-term emotional and physical adverse events of medical treatments and this has been published in one of the world’s leading cancer journals. I would wholeheartedly recommend the services and help, compassion and support that The Haven provides.”
Professor Justin Stebbing, Consultant Oncologist, Charing Cross Hospital.