Every year we do a survey with the people we support to make sure that we are offering them the best support we can. Here’s a first look at what we found out:

We’re delighted to say that the vast majority (85.8%) of those we supported over the last two years found our support very helpful. That’s hundreds of women with breast cancer who feel better, emotionally and physically, thanks to your donations.

"Breast Cancer Haven helped me think about what is important in life and I will be forever grateful for the support and reassurance they offered me.” -  Caroline 

Even better, 92% of all those who came to us had a positive experience, generally describing our charity as supportive and a place where they are understood and heard.

"It was the place I needed, but didn't know I needed." -  Anne 

Right from the beginning we felt it was important for women to be supported in a welcoming, non-clinical environment. And this is still valued by the women we support with 75% saying they want to come to our centres rather than being supported in a hospital setting. By 2025, we aim to have ten Breast Cancer Haven centres across the country so that more people can reach our support. Your donations will play an important part in making these plans a reality.

"Everyone just understood what I’d been through." - Jane

We want the women who come to our centres to not only feel better while they’re here, but to feel better for days, months and even years into the future. So we are really excited to find that 81.2% of our visitors have made changes to their lives to improve their well being as a result of our support and advice.

"Breast Cancer Haven gave me the tools and confidence to discuss a gradual return to work which I’m currently doing and it’s going well so far." - Alexia 

These results show how much of a difference it makes to women with breast cancer to be able to come to Breast Cancer Haven for support. Thank you so much for each and every one of your donations. 

Read our Impact Report for 2016-17 for even more stories and information on how your donations are making a difference.