Gifts in wills play a vital part in helping us plan for the future; knowing that we can rely on future funds allows us to confidently embark on our plans to reach more people and invest in expanding our services in local communities.

Our vision is a future where everyone with breast cancer has a haven. As the rate of breast cancer is set to double by 2030, we want to reach the next generation facing this terrible disease. This is where legacy gifts can help us make a difference and help our work live on by being a lifeline for someone going through this daunting and difficult time.

A gift in your will costs nothing now; it is a future donation that will help future generations of women affected by breast cancer. You don’t need to leave a lot to make a difference; we truly value legacies of all sizes. We know that family and friends come first. So if you could remember Breast Cancer Haven in some way too, we would be very grateful.

“I’ll never meet the people who will benefit from the gift I’ve left to Breast Cancer Haven. Maybe they are not even diagnosed, or even born yet. But whoever they are, I know my gift will help make a massive difference – and that feels so good to know” - Mike, Breast Cancer Haven supporter

If you have any queries or would like to discuss leaving a gift in your will, please get in contact with us.

You can also download our free guide to wills and legacies.