When Mike's mum, Mavis, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1973, there was nothing like Breast Cancer Haven to support her.

Mike has left Breast Cancer Haven a legacy that will help future generations of women receive the free breast cancer support that his Mum was sadly not able to receive.

"I was just a teenager and can still remember the terrible shock of being told she had cancer. The physical effects on mum were soon plain to see, but I had no idea what she was going through emotionally. Looking back, mum was just left to ‘cope’. She must have felt so confused, scared and lonely. I feel upset just thinking about it now.

She had been ill for two years when, one Friday lunchtime, I walked home from school to find that she had just died. My schooling ended literally there and then, as did our family life. I was barely 16, my mum was just 38.

Years later, working as a postman, I heard about Breast Cancer Haven in Hereford. As I walked through the door, it felt so calm and welcoming. I felt a real connection with the place. As I got talking to the staff and some visitors it really struck home: mum would have had an entirely different experience if there had been a Haven for her.

I know you can’t turn the clock back, but I thought I could do something for the future. As Breast Cancer Haven relies on fundraising to keep its doors open, I’ve done all sorts of events – from completing the London Marathon, to running from Hereford to London pushing my postal trolley!

When I made my will a few years back, I decided to include the charity. I told my solicitor that I wanted to leave everything to my daughters Laura and Abi, but that a percentage of what was left was to go to Breast Cancer Haven. It’s a way we can remember mum as a family and make sure people in the future get all the care they need.

Not everyone will want to run a marathon. But leaving a gift in your will is something everyone can do. I hope that you will join me – so Breast Cancer Haven can be there for people like my wonderful mum in the future".

If you would like to discuss leaving a gift in your will, or would like to inform us of your intention to do so, please call us on 020 7384 0016 or email [email protected]