Dear lovely friends and family, 

You were all going to be invited to Zach’s Barmitzvah in May (8th). However, due to these surreal circumstances... Like many others, Zach is not going to have the celebration we had originally planned. 

Instead, I have sought special permission for us four to have a very small ceremony with Zach’s grandparents, his aunt and his uncle only. 

In honour of this special occasion, Zach would like to nominate Breast Cancer Haven as his chosen charity. Breast Cancer Haven offers vital one-to-one vital support to anyone affected by breast cancer. 

It is with huge sadness that Breast Cancer Haven’s Board of Trustees has made the extremely difficult decision to suspend operations for the time being. This means we will be pausing the delivery of our live online service from the end of June and with great regret, have put all our staff at risk of redundancy. Breast Cancer Haven, still need to raise £100,000 to continue providing our services until the end of June. This money will support people affected by breast cancer, people who are in crisis and need our help right now. 

None the less, as I don’t want you to miss out too much, I am hoping to send a film out once Shabbat is out. You too can therefore be part of our celebration. 

We want you to know that you will be missed and that had times been different we would have been delighted to cut some shapes on the dance floor with you. 

Stay well. 

Love from,

Monique, Nick, VIvien and Ed