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Have a browse of the items on sale in our shop. It contains items sold by us as well as other products being sold in aid of Breast Cancer Haven by our generous friends and partners. Everything that is purchased helps us to support people affected by breast cancer.


Author: Craig Simmonds



  • World Health Day 2018

    Following on #WorldHealthDay, we wanted to talk about the importance of accessing the health services available to support you with any breast changes that could possibly lead to a diagnosis of breast cancer. Read more

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    How does acupuncture work in helping those experiencing breast cancer? Chris Woodward, our London acupuncture therapist, explains. Read more

  • Breast cancer and motherhood

    As many of us know, the joy of becoming a Mother is indescribable. For Emmeline however, the happiness of meeting her first baby was interrupted with a shocking breast cancer diagnosis. Read more